We are one of the leading medical universities in Poland. For a century we have been educating specialists who professionally help and treat the patients. We focus on modern didactic models. We carefully combine knowledge with practice.

Our complex of 5 clinical hospitals situated in Poznań gives students opportunities to study with outstanding professionals  and provides a much-needed daily contact with the patients. We educate about 8,000 students in 19 study programs. With pride we listen when they speak with appreciation about the conditions in which they study - about the authority of their lecturers, modernly equipped rooms, convenient location of classes and the prospects of finding a dream job.


Most of our graduates are still employed in studies or right after their graduation. They work in hospitals, offices, clinics, laboratories or are able to govern large medical facilities.

Our University is also a strong research center. It employs over 1,000 scientists, including almost 200 professors. Priority research areas are preventing cardiovascular diseases, fighting cancer, promoting active and healthy aging and metabolic programming. Every year, we acquire about 40 new research projects from national and European research agendas. As an academic community, each year we publish nearly 1,000 research papers  in leading international scientific journals.

We have a modern core facility. We are also involved in the active fight against SARC-CoV-2 by organizing one of the largest Polish laboratories for detection coronavirus using molecular biology methods, co-creating a Temporary Hospital for infected people and a Central Vaccination Point, as well as by publishing over 100 scientific papers in this area.


Poznan University of Medical Sciences is the place of


Students have at their own disposal almost 100 research clubs. Future health managers are trained as part of the Formedis Academy. ERASMUS + student exchange program is working well. We are also building a modern infrastructure for you - Central Integrated Clinical Hospital, Collegium Pharmaceuticum and Collegium Humanum.


All our faculties are awarded with a high academic category "A". Our students regularly win Diamond Grants, win first places in national and international competitions, and are placed on the "25 under 25" list of Forbes magazine. We appreciate the Olympics Laureates by giving them one-off scholarships. Ingenious students create innovative mobile applications, and talented graduates perform groundbreaking treatments.


The university campus is located in a well-connected part of the city. We have a well-equipped Main Library. We conduct classes at the ultramodern Medical Simulation Center. 95% of our graduates find jobs while still studying or just after graduating.


We organize student integration trips to our university cottage called "Chata Jagoda", organize an outstanding party for all the students and academics called "Bal Medyka" and perform White Coat Ceremony. Our University Choir wins numerous awards and goes on an international tours.

As many as 1,300 students, showing huge hearts, volunteered to fight COVID-19. We also work for charity by engaging in the actions aimed at helping children ("Doktor Mis Dzieciom, Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy") as well as improving deaf people in Africa by hearing prostheses.

The day-to-day functioning of the University is based on its statute - i.e. a document specifying, inter alia, (1) the method of electing university authorities, (2) the principles and mode of operation of the senate, (3) types of university organizational units, (4) the procedure of awarding the title of doctor honoris causa, or (5) the principles of running a business by a university.

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