HR Excellence in Research


It is with great pleasure that we announce having filed all necessary documents to the European Commission in order to gain ‘HR Excellence in Research’ status. This also involves the implementation of recommendations stated in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The European Commission’s decision on whether to award PUMS with ‘HR in Excellence in Research’ status will be based upon documentation of the implementation of rules and regulations used for employment and career development, transparency and accessibility of the entire recruitment process.

In order to achieve that, PUMS completed an internal analysis based on an online survey taken by employees. Should the European Commission award us with the status, would position PUMS among the 87 Polish higher education institutes, which successfully implement the principles of the Charter and the Code.

» Application for HR Excellence in Research

» HRS4R Action plan 2021-2023

» Regulation No. 73/2019

» Recruitment policy at Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS)
» Minimum requirements for scientific achievements and output in the proceedings for the conferment of the postdoctoral degree
» Procedure for conferring the postdoctoral
» Minimum requirements for the scientific achievements
» Procedure for conferring the degree of doctor

» Code of Ethics for Employees of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences