Facts and figures

The University is well equipped for research in basic medical sciences, clinical investigations, diagnosis and treatment.

Teaching and research are mainly based on active co-operation with 5 Clinical Hospitals (2216 beds in total) as well as on other city hospitals. Since 1950, the University has awarded its degrees to 13,283 physicians, 4,610 dentists and 5,541 pharmacists. Master of Science degrees have been conferred on 404 medical analysts and 1,307 nurses.


In its various postgraduate programs, the University has awarded 2,628 Ph.D. degrees*. The University's highly advanced postdoctoral programmes have resulted in 461 habilitations (Dr hab.) awarded in the same period**.

Every year faculty members participate in no fewer than 400 international congresses and conferences. The University hosts between 5 and 10 major international congresses each year and visits of foreign researchers are a daily routine.